Events & Programming

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The events schedule is being finalized for 2014, but let us know if you have an idea or suggestion for an event in case we can work it in!

2013 Schedule

Time Event Location
10:00 am Opening Ceremony Ceremony Area
10:30 am “Heka: The Power of Words” Moon Tent
10:30 am “Bird Watching: Connecting with Gaia” Sun Tent
11:30 am “Everyday Pagans: Blending In Without Selling Out” Moon Tent
11:30 am “Music: How Does it Work for You?” Sun Tent
12:30 pm Main Ritual (6th Night Grove) followed by Drum Circle Ceremony Area
2:30 pm “Practical Pagan Chaplaincy” Moon Tent
2:30 pm Community Discussion – “Paganism in the Workplace” Sun Tent
3:30 pm “My Dust Bunnies are Sacred: Pagan Household” Moon Tent
3:30 pm Community Discussion – “Magic in Cooking and Gardening” Sun Tent
4:30 pm Closing Ceremony (Dayton Pagan Alliance) Ceremony Area

Events Running Throughout the Day

Altar Walk
A yearly favorite, we invite groups and practitioners in the area to set up small altars out in the open with an informational paper explaining the significance of each altar setup and theme. Past years have included druid, thelemic, wiccan, eclectic, goddess, and even dragon altars!

Tarot and Rune swap
Do you enjoy reading cards but only know the Celtic cross spread? Are you called to read runes, but want to learn more? Or you’ve come up with a fascinating new layout that you want to share with everyone? Or maybe you enjoy seeing the artwork between the thousands of types of decks out there. Bring your decks and runes to join in in a free-form meet up at this year’s DPPD! The swap will be located in the picnic shelter.

Pagan Book Swap
Visiting from the Cincinnati Pagan Pride organization! Do you have a book that you no longer need? Or do you somehow have 2 of the same book? Bring it to our Pagan Book Swap. For every book you bring to swap, you take one from our collection. If you don’t see a book that you want and just want to donate the book, you can do that, as well. New to Paganism and just need a book to help you get started? See if we have a book that will help.
**Books must be Pagan-related. Adult and Children’s books welcomed
(See more details at their website:

Informational Booths
Multiple organizations in the area will have their own information booths near the welcome booth. If you’ve ever been curious or would just love to see what’s already established in the area, stop on by!

DPA Tarot Reading Booth
Another yearly event, the Dayton Pagan Alliance will have a Tarot Reading booth where you can have a reading done for you. Look for the booth next to the picnic shelter.

Vendor’s Row
We’ve been blessed to have a number of vendors interested in appearing to sell their wonderful wares! Do take the time to wander through vendor row on the way to a panel – there’s always a great variety of items! This year’s vendor row will line up along the tree line.

Food Vending
What would a festival be without food? Look for the food vendors near the parking lot.



Opening Ceremony
performed by the DAPN
[description to come]

Main Midday Ritual
preformed by the 6th Night Grove
[description to come]

Closing Ceremony
performed by the DPA
[description to come]



Heka: The Power of Words
presented by Megan Z.
In Kemetic Orthodox, it is believed that the words you say or even think can carry its own ‘heka’, or magick. There is nothing more common or powerful than words.

Everyday Pagans: Blending In Without Selling Out
presented by Rev. Tina M. Musgrove
High Priestess and Executive Director of Eleusinian Ministries, Rev. Tina M. Musgrove, will present a discussion on the challenges Neo-Pagans face in the workplace, schools, scouts, the court system and even at the grocery store, when socializing or otherwise interacting with the Judeo-Christian majority. We will touch on topics such as prejudice and religious freedom, but mostly this workshop will focus on positive ways to make interaction with friends, family members, employers, neighbors and colleagues – who believe differently than we do, but whom we value nonetheless – just a little less stressful.

My Dust Bunnies are Sacred: Pagan Household
presented by Diane Thorne
Creating a sacred space within your home usually means an altar, but what about the rest?  We will discuss some ideas on how to expand your sacred space throughout your home.

Practical Pagan Chaplaincy
presented by David Kling
This workshop explores the basics of pastoral/spiritual care and what it means to be a chaplain either in an institutional sense or within one’s local community. The nature of the workshop will be tailored to the needs and desires of the participants.

Bird Watching
presented by Judith Espedal
A talk on connecting with Gaia – bird watching, hiking, even gardening – not as a how-to-do it but as examples of how these activities can connect us to the divine.

Music: How Does it Work for You?
presented by Kat Kosey
Everyone experiences music differently in their own way, and the magic-like vibrations from music are an incredible tool for healing, raising energy, or even just getting through that long day at work. Kat will discuss multiple ways you can make it work for you.

Flag Game
presented by Sheila Blanchard
Sheila’s back leading the flag game for fun and community! An interactive DPPD favorite, Sheila will call out which flag to go to based on your path, your background, what you like, maybe even what you’ve read, like to wear, or if you have pets! You never know what the next call will be – join in for a great time getting to know others in the community.

Community Discussions

Bring your thoughts and ideas and share with others!
Planned Topics:
- Paganism in the Workplace
- Magic in Cooking and Gardening